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Hopefully, you've got a trip or two planned this Summer. A chance to get out there and SEE IT ALL!

For Summer getaways like that, you pack lite...just the essentials. And with LASIK at Lusk Eye Specialists, you can pack even less. No glasses. No contacts. No solutions.

So this Summer, pack LESS and SEE MORE with LASIK by the ARK-LA-TEX's preferred LASIK team: Lusk Eye Specialists.

Learn more about our 0% financing and low monthly payment plans by calling us at 318-222-5555.

That's 318-222-5555... because LASIK was made for Summers like this.

Get Out There & SEE IT ALL This Summer With Lusk LASIK

Call 318-222-5555 to Learn More!

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  Summer Time

  is LASIK Time...

Summer Time 


 LASIK Time...

…and no place for Glasses & Contacts!

…and no place for Glasses & Contacts!

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