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$500 Summer LASIK Savings

summer-time-savingsWith Summer in the ARK-LA-TEX starting to kick in, it’s time to GET OUT THERE and SEE IT ALL! 

Here are three GREAT REASONS to have LASIK at Lusk Eye Specialists this Summer:

  • Our all-laser iLASIK procedure at Lusk Eye Specialists is much cheaper than a lifetime of glasses & contacts…especially with our $500 Summer LASIK savings. So stop wasting money.
  • Lusk LASIK is healther on your eyes than contact lenses. So stop being so mean to your corneas. 
  • Summer just goes better with LASIK.  

Call us right now at 222-5555 about our $500 Summer LASIK Savings now underway. SEE IT ALL this summer…the natural way with iLASIK at Lusk Eye Specialists. For your eyes…TRUST IN LUSK!

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