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Shreveport Laser Vision Correction Specialist Dr. Lusk

Shreveport Laser Vision CorrectionWe have developed this web site as an interactive communication between you and Lusk Eye Specialists. Our goal is to give you an opportunity to learn more about us and see why we offer the highest standards in medical and surgical eye care with the compassion and understanding that best meets your needs. We offer courtesy transportation in and around Shreveport to those citizens that are 60 years of age or older and cannot get transportation to our office or surgery. Take a look at some of our other items of interest:

Making an Appointment

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00A.M. until 5:00P.M. You may call during these times to schedule an appointment for either our Shreveport Office or our Minden, LA Office. Routine calls for medication refills and questions can be made during regular office hours. Our trained assistants can answer most questions. Doctor calls are generally returned at 11:30A.M. and 5:00P.M. You may also schedule a Free Consultation online if you wish.

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Fees and Billing

The high cost of billing affects physician’s fees. We ask that you help us keep cost under control by paying for office visits at the time of service. We will be happy to discuss fees with you and provide an estimate of fees on any procedure.


Lusk Eye Specialists participates in many health plans offered in our area. We accept Medicare Assignment. We will file your insurance paperwork for office visits and surgeries at no charge to you. Medicare will pay 80% of the allowable charges after you have met your deductible for the year. The remaining 20% can be filed with your supplemental insurance company.
Laser Vision Correction is sometimes covered by insurance. It depends on the insurance company. We recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to your consult with Dr. Lusk to determine if your company will cover the Laser Vision Correction procedure. Click here for financing options.

Ultimately, you are financially responsible for the medical care you receive, regardless of the status of your insurance coverage. Persons having HMO or PPO plans that require a referral number must contact your Primary Care Physician (PCP) for that number prior to visiting Lusk Eye Specialists. By law we cannot provide services to a patient if that patient does not have a referral number from their primary care physician. In addition, the patient is required to pay a CO-Pay at the time of visit if their insurance HMO or PPO plan requires it. We cannot waive or discount the CO-Pay. If you have any questions regarding insurance issues, Please contact our office during normal business hours so we can provide assistance.

Your Visit

Dr. Lusk Checking PatientPlease allow two hours for a complete Eye Examination by Dr. Lusk or his associates. This time includes dilation of your eyes, routine testing and patient preparation. We provide comfortable surroundings in an effort to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Please bring a list of your medications or the medications themselves to the visit with you. It is most important that we know about your medications. Prescription eye medications are strong medicine. They should not be shared. It is important to bring your medications with you along with any allergies that you may have.

If your visit is for Laser Vision Correction, please leave your contacts out for 2-3 weeks prior to your consult with Dr. Lusk. This gives your cornea time to adjust and provides for more accurate measurements during your visit. If you wear glasses, please bring them with you. Please contact our Laser Vision Correction Coordinator anytime during regular business hours at (318) 222-5555 or 1-800-256-7393 or E-Mail us.

Cataract and Cornea Treatment

Dr. Lusk specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the cornea. Dr. Lusk performs over 1,000 intraocular procedures each year including No-Stitch Cataract Surgery and Cornea Transplantation. Today, No-Stitch Cataract Removal is done as “Day Surgery”. Patients are usually home within a few hours. If you would like additional information on No Stitch Cataract Surgery or Cornea Transplant Surgery go to the Contact Us page.

Laser Vision Correction

Lusk Eye Surgery in ProgressBecause of his many years of cornea experience, Dr. Lusk specializes in the latest technology in Shreveport Laser Vision Correction. This procedure alters the shape of the cornea to eliminate the need for glasses or contacts lenses. Dr. Lusk has done hundreds of these procedures and is one of only 50 Physicians to become a Laser Vision Correction Instructor to train other Physicians and surgeons on the use of the VISX Excimer Laser System.

Dr. Lusk uses the highest quality laser available, the VISX Excimer Laser, to perform Laser Vision Correction for his patients. VISX is the most widely used Excimer Laser in the world. The VISX Excimer Laser is the only laser that has been approved by the FDA to perform Shreveport Laser Vision Correction on patients with high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Learn more about VISX Excimer Laser here: http://www.visx.com.

We perform two Laser Vision Correction procedures LASIK and PRK. Dr. Lusk believes so strongly in Laser Vision Correction that he had LASIK done to improve his vision. If you would like to see more on PRK and LASIK go to the PRK and LASIK pages.
Laser Vision Correction is generally done on Thursdays and Fridays. If you would like more information on Laser Vision Correction or would like to contact our Laser Vision Correction Coordinator, Please click Contact Us or call (318) 222-5555 for a free information package and appointment time.

Our Best Referral is You!

We are Surgical Specialists. Many of our patients are referred to us by other health care professionals. If you have a need for specialized eye care such as disease, irritation or surgery, tell your primary care physician that you want to see Dr. Lusk. Many of our patients are referred to us by other satisfied patients. If you are referred to our office, please let us know. If you are satisfied with the care you have received from Lusk Eye Specialists, please let others know. You are welcome to send us you comments as well by using the ‘Contact Us’ mail system. Address them to the Administrator of Lusk Eye Specialists.

Urgent Eye Problems

If you have an urgent problem, notify our staff immediately. If it is an eye emergency and after hours, go to the nearest emergency room where a physician on duty will begin treatment and contact Dr. Lusk.

Community Education

The staff at Lusk Eye Specialists routinely performs community lectures on Eye Care. We also provide Free Screenings for the detection of Eye Diseases such as Glaucoma and Cataracts.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

If you need glasses, we will write you a prescription to take to your optical provider of your choice. We have a large inventory of trial contact lenses. We will order contact lenses for patients that need special lenses. All contact lenses must be paid for at the time of delivery. A deposit is required when contact lenses are ordered.

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