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When it comes to cataract care in the ARK-LA-TEX, you’ve chosen a team of eye care professionals who are specially trained in the latest advances in cataract care, including Laser Cataract Surgery. That’s why physicians and patients throughout the region choose Lusk Eye Specialists to perform their cataract procedure.

In addition to our unsurpassed experience in the region, we also offer cataract patients the safest, most affordable method of cataract surgery available today. By performing your cataract procedure in our Ambulatory Surgery Center designed and dedicated specifically for eye surgery, we’re able to save Medicare and your insurance company substantial costs when compared to hospital-based cataract surgery.

Another advantage of having your cataract procedure performed at Lusk Eye Specialists is access to the latest breakthroughs in lasers and Intraocular Lenses (IOL) designs used in cataract surgery. Thanks to recent approvals by Medicare and the insurance industry, cataract patients can now choose to enhance their vision with a number of exciting new lens implants we now offer, including options to treat your astigmatism and improve your night vision. These options are approved by Medicare, but not fully covered by Medicare. Your options will be discussed with you in more detail here in the office prior to your procedure.

Having cataract surgery is one of the most important and life-changing decisions you will make. Our goal is to make sure you fully understand your options and to help you enjoy a lifetime of the best possible vision following your cataract procedure.

Thank you trusting Lusk Eye Specialists with one of God’s most precious gifts.

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