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Is the LASIK procedure painful?

Answer: No. Several anesthetic drops given at the start of the procedure eliminate all pain and discomfort. It is the same with the PRK procedure.

What about after the surgery?

Answer: With LASIK, there is virtually no pain. There is a foreign body sensation like having a tiny spec of something in your eye for 12-24 hours. With PRK there is slight discomfort for about 12-24 hours. This should dissipate. Pain medication can be prescribed for those who wish it.

How long will it take to recover from LASIK? With PRK?

Answer: With LASIK, it takes less than 24 hours to gain functional visual recovery and return to work. Nearly all LASIK patients report being able to see better immediately after surgery. PRK requires 3-5 days of recovery with a gradual improvement in vision over that time.

This may seem silly, but is there a possibility that I will go blind?

Answer: No patient has every gone blind due to the LASIK or PRK procedures. Add this to the fact that Dr. Lusk is a “Cornea Specialist” as well as one of the most experienced LASIK and PRK surgeons in the area.

Could I do something during the treatment to ruin the results?

Answer: No. Blinking of the eye is prevented by an eyelid speculum that holds the eye open. During the procedure, the patient’s only responsibility is to look at a blinking light. Throughout the procedure, the physician is observing the proper alignment through the microscope. In case of the slightest misalignment, the procedure is paused and the alignment is corrected prior to the procedure continuing. The patient can relax.

Does insurance cover the LASIK or PRK procedure?

Answer: In most cases, Insurance does not cover the LASIK or PRK procedure. However, insurance companies are slowly acknowledging the benefits and cost savings they realize by covering such procedures. Each insurance company has different policies regarding Laser Vision Correction Surgery. We recommend that you contact your insurance company directly and ask them if they cover the Laser Vision Correction procedures LASIK or PRK.

When can I see clearly?

Answer: It depends on the procedure. With LASIK, most of our patients “see” clearly within 24 hours of the procedure. With PRK “seeing” more clearly may take three to five days. This is highly dependent on the patient’s healing ability. Some people simply heal faster than others do.

Can I participate in sports?

Answer: Yes, most certainly! We ask that you wait 24 to 48 hours before doing strenuous activities. Persons participating in contact sports should wear eye protection such as sports goggles to avoid any contact with dirt, fingers, balls, rackets and the like.

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