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Dr. Don Walker

Don Walker, O.D.Don Walker, O.D.

Dr. Walker credits many for his current position in life: His college roommate, who inspired him to explore eye care — even though Dr. Walker had never had an eye examination. His wife, a medical technologist, who has been by his side ever since he started at Southern College of Optometry in 1973. And most of all, God, who he thanks every day for his 40+ years in eye care.

Lastly, he credits Lusk Eye Specialists’ own Dr. Jon Branton, who married Dr. Walker’s cousin and was working with the Lusk Family part-time while also working Dr. Walker. After selling his practice, Dr. Walker’s transition to Lusk Eye Specialists with Dr. Branton seemed predestined to be a natural fit. They even share an office together!

Today, Dr. Walker has integrated his Eyes & Eyewear family into his Lusk Eye Specialist family, and the Lusk team has continued to serve them with quality eye care and personal, “down home” service. After decades of caring for patients and their families, he most enjoys it when the relationship grows from patient to friend — “Doctor” to “Don”.

Dr. Walker’s main love, outside of his clinic responsibilities, is teaching Bible studies and being with his children and grandchildren. Therefore, he has never picked up a golf club… unless putt-putt counts.

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