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Laser Vision Correction

One of the most popular ways to correct vision is with a procedure called LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis), which uses a laser to change the curvature of the cornea (outer window of the eye). LASIK has quickly become the procedure of choice for most patients because they recover quickly and have fewer side effects and complications than with other methods of vision correction. In fact, most Shreveport LASIK patients notice a significant improvement in their vision soon after surgery. LASIK removes tissue within the cornea to treat low to high levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

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Crystalens is a revolutionary new breakthrough in vision enhancement. It is the first and only intraocular lens (IOL) replacement that focuses like the eye’s natural lens, allowing for continuous vision up close, far away and all distances in between. By using the eye’s muscle to move the lens backwards and forwards naturally in response to the brain’s desire to see at different distances, Crystalens, manufactured by Eyeonics, enables the eye to focus continuously and seamlessly through a range of distances. Patients experience the same vision they had when they were younger, for most without the inconvenience of corrective lenses. Dr. Lusk can provide Shreveport crystalens, however, it is important to note that not everyone will gain 20/20 vision at all distances after this procedure. It is also important to point out that even after having this procedure, you still may not be able to read or focus on objects in low light. As we get older, we lose our ability to focus on objects under these conditions. Our health and the health of our eyes will also determine the outcome of any type of refractive surgery.

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For most Shreveport cataract patients, life without reading glasses or bifocals is something they either experienced before presbyopia or they just dreamed about for most of their lives. But today, the AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL is turning those dreams into reality with its revolutionary lens technology, which is designed to allow patients to see clearly at all distances without bifocals or reading glasses. Dr. lusk now provides Shreveport ReSTOR IOL lenses for cataract treatment.

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Verisyse Lens

The FDA approved the first implantable lens for nearsightedness, giving people with extremely poor eyesight a new way to see the world around them. Dr. Lusk offers Shreveport Verisyse™ which is a lens implant that is attached to the iris or colored part of the eye. In Shreveport, the Verisyse™ lens is an alternative to glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery.

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AcrySof Natural Lens

Shreveport, Louisiana, February 7, 2005 – A revolutionary advance in Shreveport cataract surgery is now available in the United States following approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dr. James Lusk of Lusk Eye Specialists is now using AcrySof® Natural IOL, the world’s first foldable intraocular lens (IOL) that is specifically designed to filter high-energy wavelengths of the blue light spectrum, for Shreveport cataract surgery patients.

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CustomVue LASIK

Imagine a quality of vision so crisp and clear, it’s like living in a world of Hi-Definition. A quality of vision impossible to achieve with prescription glasses or contact lenses. Vision that goes beyond 20/20. Today, Lusk Eye Specialists goes beyond the limits of glasses or contacts providing Shreveport CustomVue™ Lasik, the next generation procedure in laser vision correction.

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Lusk Eye Specialists is proud to offer Shreveport IntraLase to our patients. All laser bladefree LASIK is the latest technological breakthrough in LASIK. Now we can perform an all laser, bladeless, LASIK procedure.

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Cataract Surgery

With a clear normal lens, the images are focused clearly on the retina. Vision is clear. With a cataract, the lens is cloudy, causing the image to become blurred and yellowed. Vision is hazy and colors become faded.

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Cataract Removal

Shreveport, Louisiana, February 7, 2005 – Lusk Eye Specialists is one of the early sites in the United States to begin using Alcon’s Infiniti™ Vision System – a new surgical shreveport cataract removal instrument that offers the option to use a naturally balanced fluid media to break up and “wash away” eye lenses clouded by cataracts.

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Cornea Transplant

If the cornea becomes cloudy as a result of corneal disease, the only way to restore sight is to replace or transplant the cornea. Corneal transplantation (keratoplasty) is the most successful of all tissue transplants. An estimated 20,000 corneal transplants are performed each year in the United States.

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Glaucoma Treatment

It is estimated that glaucoma is threatening the vision of two out of every hundred persons age 35 and over. Glaucoma can result in blindness, and is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States today. We refer to glaucoma as the “silent thief” because glaucoma typically has no symptoms until partial vision loss has occurred. Loss of vision due to glaucoma is irreversible. Shreveport glaucoma treatment is provided by Dr. Lusk at Lusk Eye Specialists. It’s very important to maintain regular eye exams to prevent glaucoma or the leading complications associated with glaucoma.

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Dry Eye

The name “dry eye” can be a little confusing since one of the most common symptoms is excessive watering! It makes more sense, though, when you learn that the eye makes two different types of tears. Dry eye treatment is available in Shreveport at Lusk eye Specialists.

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