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LASIK Testimonials

Shreveport LASIK Testimonials

These are just a few comments Shreveport Laser Vision Correction Graduates have made after having Dr. Lusk perform the LASIK procedure. You deserve good vision, find out more about Laser Vision Correction by contacting us. We look forward to adding your name to our Shreveport LASIK Testimonial Family Tree!

“I’m honored by the opportunity to share my experience with Lasik and Lusk Eye Specialists. As you know, even though I had thought about having the procedure for several years, I was hesitant to proceed because of my other health problems. Finally, after hearing first hand from other patients how wonderful it was I came in for my first appointment.

I cannot say enough about the care I received at Lusk Eye Specialists. Their expertise in the latest technology is coupled with a commitment to excellence. It is only exceeded by their dedication to the patient. They always took all the time I needed and answered my countless questions. Their staff is terrific and they personally walk you through every step of the process.

Even after deciding to have the procedure I was still concerned that my fibromyalgia might cause a complication or delay in healing. Instead, it was fantastic! I had absolutely NO PAIN, and my discomfort was minimal at most. By following their step by step instructions for pre and post-op care, I had amazing results. My sight is now officially 20/20 in both eyes. I was able to go shopping the next day and people had no idea that I’d had surgery.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely – but only if they go to Lusk J”

–Teddi L. Harris “A Very Satisfied LASIK Patient”

“I had no pain during or after the procedure. My vision was improved from 20/500 to 20/25 within 24 hours after surgery. For the first time in 40 years, I can see without glasses.”

–Robert Holmes; LASIK

“It was a little scary the first time, but when I got up from the Laser, I COULD SEE!!! All my doubts vanished completely. You can’t put it into words, it’s just amazing.”

–LeAnn Hearnsberger; LASIK

“Excellent! Easy! And Painless! It was a blessing…I have recommended the procedure to many people!”

–Sue Sprawls; PRK

“I decided to have laser vision correction because I could not see across the bedroom at night. It was scary not being able to see in my own home without glasses. I now enjoy much clearer distance vision than I ever had with glasses or contacts.”

–Sandra Halley; PRK

“I was tired of contacts and glasses. Now I can swim, wear sunglasses, fish, and even walk in the rain without it being a nuisance.”

–Jon Chandler; LASIK

“Laser Vision Correction and Dr. Lusk have made a life changing difference in my life. I just wonder why I waited so long to have the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Lusk and Laser Vision Correction to anyone who wears glasses and contacts!”

–Murrey Franks; PRK

“I never new what happened to the water in the shower after it past my knees. After having Laser Vision Correction, I spent an hour just watching the water in the shower. Dr. Lusk has opened my eyes to things I have never seen before! Wow! Who wouldn’t want Laser Vision Correction!”

–Mary Jo Flanders; LASIK

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