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The Lusk LASIK Triple Play

The Lusk LASIK Triple Play

It’s THREE TIMES THE SAVINGS now at Lusk Eye Specialists. In addition to the savings you can enjoy on LASIK by the newest member of the ‘Lusk Family Surgical Team’ – Dr. Jeffrey Lusk – you can now enjoy LASIK savings with Dr. James Lusk and Dr. Bryan Lusk as well. We call it the ‘Lusk LASIK Triple Play,’ but it’s a homerun when it comes to correcting your vision. That’s because you have what everyone at Lusk Eye Specialists feels are three of the finest LASIK surgeons in the ARK-LA-TEX dedicated to helping you enjoy the vision you’ve always wanted.

This Spring, enjoy the GREAT outdoors with GREAT vision by three GREAT surgeons. Just three GREAT reasons to call Lusk Eye Specialists at 318-222-5555 about our Lusk LASIK Triple Play.

Call us today for your complimentary consultation and the first step to clearer, more natural vision.

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