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Verisyse Lens

Shreveport Verisyse Lens – Alternative to LASIK, Glasses and Contact Lenses

The FDA approved the first implantable lens for nearsightedness, giving people with extremely poor eyesight a new way to see the world around them. Dr. Lusk offers Shreveport Verisyse™ which is a lens implant that is attached to the iris or colored part of the eye. In Shreveport, the Verisyse™ lens is an alternative to glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery.

This lens has been used in Europe for 17 years and is manufactured by Ophtec USA Inc., of Boca Raton, Fla., under the trade name Artisan. Advanced Medical Optics will distribute it under the Verisyse brand name in North America.

During surgery at the Shreveport location, Dr. Lusk slips the tiny Verisyse™ lens through a small incision and attaches it to the iris to hold it in place. Similar to a photographer bringing a camera lens into focus, the plastic lens helps create sharper images.

shreveport verisyseThe Verisyse™ implantable lens comes in different powers to fit the patient’s needs. The lens provides crisp and clear vision especially to those who have high myopia. 92 percent of the 662 study patients who had moderate or severe nearsightedness ended up with 20/40 or better vision. Over half of the study, Shreveport patients could see better after receiving the Verisyse™ lens than they could ever see with glasses or contact lenses.

Some people may still need glasses for night driving and other activities performed in low light conditions even after the surgical procedure. There’s a risk of cataracts or infection with the procedure, but Dr. Lusk in Shreveport, will take every precaution to help ensure risk factors are kept to a minimum. People with thick glasses and corneas that are too thin for LASIK are among the best candidates for the new Verisyse™ implantable lens. For more information, please call our office at: 800-256-7393.

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